Audi’s E-Tron SUV becomes the first all-electric car to win IIHS award

Audi E-Tron SUV

German automobile manufacturer Audi’s first all-electric car E-Tron SUV has received the award from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) becoming the first battery-electric car to receive this award.

Tesla Model S and Chevrolet Bolt failed this test earlier.

Audi’s E-Tron has received “good” ratings from safety agencies around the world and IIHS award adds a star mark to it. IIHS released some videos of the crash test at its test facility mentioned below.

The IIHS reported that the E-Tron’s “Pre Sense Front” automatic emergency braking system performed well, avoiding a crash in the 25 miles per hour test. (The E-Tron slowed to 1 mile per hour before impact in the 12 miles per hour test.)

Audi’s E-Tron will have a positive impact on sales after receiving this award since the company was hit with multiple brakes on sales due to various issues like company’s CEO arrested for Volkswagen Dieselgate emissions cheating scandal, battery shortage and recalling a few hundred because of a fire risk.

Audi’s E-Tron specifications:

  • Five-seater all-electric car
  • 402 hp/300 kW with boost technology
  • 204 miles (328 kilometers) in one single charge with 150 kW DC charging
  • 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds
  • 54 miles (86 kilometers) in a 10-minute charge
  • Towing capacity of 4,000 lbs
  • 20-inch wheels
  • LED lighting, seats with built-in heating and cooling
  • Air suspension with five modes including off-road
  • Infotainment System with Amazon Alexa integrated

Audi’s E-Tron SUV is available in two variants Premium Plus (starts at $74,800) and Prestige (starts at $81,800).

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Audi’s E-Tron is the biggest competitor to Jaguar’s I-Pace in the long-range electric vehicles to hit the market in the luxury segment.

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