Ola’s two-wheeler service Ola Bike is now operational in 150 cities of India

Ola Bike

India’s largest ride-hailing service “Ola” is investing heavily on its two-wheeler service “Ola Bike” which the company says is now operational in 150 cities of the second most populous nation in the world and the company has plans to extend it’s business to three times in the next one year.

Ola is India’s leading ride-hailing service backed by the Japanese SoftBank group and the company says that its two-wheeler service “Ola Bike” is making the company reach the remote areas of the country with being as affordable and convenient on-demand transportation to millions of its users.

A ride in Ola Bike costs at Rs 5 (7 cents) per kilometer.

Launched in 2016, Ola Bike has seen a larger expansion as the users are preferring two-wheeler over cabs as a medium of transport to rush through the busy traffic. According to the company, Ola Bike has provided a livelihood to around 300,000 people in the country.

Ola’s major rival Uber also has a two-wheeler service in India called Uber Moto which is currently operational is about a dozen cities in the country.

Two-wheeler ride-hailing startups have been emerging in the nation including Bounce which offers both combustible engine and electric bikes in its service and as the company executives say it was clocking about 80,000 rides each day in Bengaluru.

Ola is committed of investing $100 million in scooter rental startup Vogo and Uber have joined hands with Yulu to handle electric bike trials in Bangalore which is still under trials.

The impact of Ola Bike is strong and the company is totally committed to having over a million bike partners which will enable the company to expand which is helping people to commute affordably and conveniently in the small city of Chapra in Bihar to the metropolitan city of Gurugram.

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