Lightning unveiled EV Sports Bike “Strike”

Lightning Strike

Silicon Valley’s electric motorcycle manufacturer Lightning has pulled the cover of its first two-wheeler EV motorcycle “Strike” which will be available for the large market. The Strike is priced at $13,000 which has a range of 70 miles (~113 kilometres) on the highway and 100 miles (~161 kilometres) in the city on a single charge.


(Standard Version)

The standard base version of the Strike will cost at $13,000 has a 10kWh battery pack and a liquid-cooled electric motor that generates 90 horsepower. The 455-pound bike generates ~244 Nm of torque and can reach a top speed of 135 mph (~218 kph).

The 3.3kW charger allows the bike to be plugged into Level 1 (standard 110-volt) and Level 2 chargers. Level 1 chargers will charge the battery to full from zero overnight and Level 2 chargers will take two to three hours to charge.

The company is also selling a quick charge option which costs at $1,500 which will take 35 minutes to fully charge the battery at Level 3 DC fast chargers.

(Mid Range Version)

The mid-range version of the Strike will cost at $17,000 with a 15kWh battery pack which increase the range to 105 miles (~169 kilometres) on the highway and 150 miles (~241 kilometres) in the city on a single charge and the bike is 10 pounds heavier than the standard version everything else is similar to the standard version.

(Strike Carbon Edition)

The Strike Carbon Edition of the bike will cost at $20,000 with a 20kWh battery pack which will have a 150 highway miles (~241 kilometres) or 200 city miles (~321 kilometres of range, and includes the 6.6kW onboard charger for Level 3 charging.

The High-end version of the bike also has 120 horsepower and delivers a top speed of 150 mph (~241 kph)

The Lightning Strike will be a tough competitor for the Zero Motorcycles The SR/F. The Strike is available for preorders, and deliveries of the more expensive versions will start shipping in July.

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