Gogoro’s Viva is a cute electric scooter with a good range

Gogoro Viva

Taiwan-based Gogoro has unveiled its new city commuter electric scooter called Viva which is much smaller and more adaptable than all its previous models. Gogoro’s Viva will be available for $1,800 in Taiwan from October and in some “other global markets” in 2020.

Gogoro’s Viva weights around 80 kilograms which means its easily replaceable with the heavy scooters that run on petrol for small rides it has a range of 85 kilometers (around 53 miles) which seems low but it has a single battery which is easy to swap and in Taiwan battery swap stations are available on all places.

Gogoro’s CEO tells that the Viva is fully customizable and it has 21 liters of storage in it. It also has a dedicated app that provides all information about the vehicle and helps you find GoStation around you.

It is available in five beautiful colors named as Pomegranate Red, Lime Gray, Wasabi Yellow, Mint Blue, and Sea Salt White.

“You can make it a utility vehicle if you want, you can make it a more stylish vehicle if you want, you can make it a more naked vehicle if you want, or you can put on a whole bunch of bags and carrying gear,” he says.

Debuted its first scooter at the CES in 2015, Gogoro has released multiple iterations of its model and the latest model Gogoro 3 features a double battery which has a range of 105 miles and is priced at $2,500.

Gogoro has trial runs in various ways in countries like Japan, France, Germany, and Korea.

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