Spanish startup Prometeo wins IBM Call for Code Challenge

IBM Call for Code 2019 winners Prometeo

Spain-based startup Prometeo which developed the IBM Watson-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered solution for the safety of firefighters was awarded the top prize of the annual Call for Code Global Challenge in the event held at the United Nations Delegates Dining Room in New York City on Sunday.

IBM Call for Code Challenge is an annual competition that is targeted at computing solutions for global problems, crowned five winners, ranging from first responders to health care info and the top team receives total prize money of $200,000 from IBM.

Prometeo, led by the 33-year firefighting veteran developed a tool that is designed to monitor health and safety in the firefighting, both long term and in real-time, the startup developed a smartphone-sized device that attaches to the wearer’s arm to collect and share things like temperature, smoke, and humidity.

Co-founder of Prometeo shares on the IBM website “If the color signal is green, on the screen the health of the firefighter is okay, but if the color signal is yellow or red, the command center must do something. They must take immediate action in order to rescue or remove the firefighter from the fire.”

Sparrow from Asia-Pacific was named second which developed a platform for addressing physical and psychological health during natural disasters while Rove from UCLA was awarded third place which developed a similar application.

IBM’s Call for Code is a five-year program where the company aims to award $30 million for teams addressing widespread societal issues.

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