NIU launched MQiGT commuter electric scooter starting at €3,399

MQiGT Electric Scooter

Chinese electric scooter maker NIU has launched the MQiGT electric scooter primarily focused on commuters in Europe.

NIU MQiGT Electric Scooter

NIU MQiGT Electric Scooter comes in with a Bosch 3100-watt motor that offers a top speed of 70 kmph (or about 43.5 mph) with NIU’s electronic braking system (EBS), which uses hydraulic disc brakes front and rear to stop you while regenerating power from that force, the company estimates can generate additional 6% of charge, or about 4 kilometers.

The MQiGT offers 70 to 80 kilometers of range in a single charge with 2976Wh battery that takes 4 hours of single battery charging and 4.5 hours of dual battery charging time.

It also includes a GPS alarm system that sends alerts to your phone to let you know if your scooter gets stolen. It’s also pretty waterproof, with a fording depth of 230 mm (or 9 inches), so NIU says it’s pretty solidly equipped for rainy and/or snowy conditions.

The MQiGT Electric scooter starts at 3,399 euros available in five glossy colors (white, gray, red, blue, and black) in Europe.

NIU currently doesn’t have any stores in India but we can expect the company to make entry in India.

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