How to build your own FM Station in less than $35 or Rs. 3,000

Make your own FM Radio Station using Raspberry Pi

We all love to hear our favorite music on FM while driving or working, but the old FM radio is losing its place in the time of streaming service and the radio stations now use streaming service to broadcast its services.

Since FM Radio stations are basically just two things: a transmitter to create the signal, and an antenna to broadcast it and you can build your own FM Stations with these easy steps and using the cheapest Raspberry Pi device, you can create your own long-range system with large devices.

1. Set up your Raspberry Pi

First, you have to purchase a Raspberry Pi and setup Raspbian, the Linux-based operating system made for Raspberry Pi.

2. Install the FM radio software

After setting up your Raspberry Pi device you have to install the FM radio software specifically PiFM (available on GitHub), created by Oliver Mattos and Oskar Weigl.

Alternatively, you can use Make Magazine’s modified version of the PiFM which Sam Freeman and Wynter Woods built code back in 2014. You have to just flash the software into a micro SD card, add your music, and just plug the Pi into a power source and it’ll automatically start broadcasting on your frequency of choice.

3. Add your Music

Copy the set of tracks to the Raspberry Pi that you wish to use to broadcast over your FM Station. If you’re using base PiFM you have to use only 16-bit .wav files but Make Magazine’s code supports broader file support.

4. Add your Antenna

Plug a strip of wire into the GPIO4 pin on your Raspberry Pi (the fourth pin down on the left side on most Pi hardware), the wire strip must be at least eight inches long, although closer to 25 inches is recommended for a better range.

Depending on your setup and surrounding environment, the Pi can broadcast between about a foot to roughly 300 feet away.

5. Broadcast your FM station

Run the PiFM code. You’ll do that by running a command like “sudo ./pifm awesomejams.wav 99.9”, where that “99.9” is the frequency in MHz on which you’re broadcasting.

6. Tune in your FM Radio station and enjoy

Turn on FM radio on any device with FM radio tune to your broadcasting frequency like 99.9 MHz mentioned above, and enjoy

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