A Reddit user founds the easiest way to watch YouTube videos without Ads

YouTube Ads

YouTube is probably the most used platform for entertainment in the world and generates a huge revenue to Google using Ads on the platform that appears in almost each and every video when you watch it unless you are a registered user of YouTube Premium.

YouTube ads are getting too excessive now with multiple, long unskippable and other types of ads that sometimes become too irritating for some users, but a Reddit user has found a simple method to skip these ads as long as you are using YouTube through a web browser.

As noted by the Reddit user, you can bypass the YouTube ads by just adding an extra dot after the domain name. In simple words:

Instead of going to www.youtube.com users can visit www.youtube.com. and every time you watch a video using this method ‘No Ads’ will appear on your videos and you can enjoy YouTube videos without any irritating ad.

“I had initially assumed that it didn’t work on mobile because the browsers normalized the URL, however, this isn’t the case. The redirection happens on the server-side. So, if you want this to work on mobile browsers, use the “Request Desktop Site” feature,” the post on Reddit reads.

The Redditor also notes that this method works for many news and other websites that use paywalls to read the whole content. It also notes that skipping ads on YouTube or bypassing the paywall is bad for the content creator whose stuff you are enjoying and so this isn’t a good step to follow for the most part.

We can expect YouTube will fix this loophole soon and this method of skipping YouTube ads may not work in the future.

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