Google reports the zero-day exploit in Windows 7

Windows 7

Google has reported a zero-day vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows 7 that hasn’t been patched yet by Microsoft. As Google reported it in a blog yesterday is one of the two zero-day vulnerability and the second was found in Google Chrome, hackers were exploiting to send malicious code to users.

The report says that the unpatched Windows 7 vulnerability lets the hackers escalate the local privileges to implement the malicious code. Google reported that the vulnerability has been just seen in the Windows 7 32-bit version also mentions that the vulnerability could be found in the version before Windows 7.

After Google reported it to Microsoft which says that they are known about the vulnerability and are trying to fix this issue, while Microsoft is working to resolve this it would be better if users move ahead and upgrade to Windows 10.

Google patched the Chrome vulnerability on March 1st when they found it with an immediate update to version 72.0.3626.121 to protect its users from hacks. To keep yourself protected from hacks we suggest you to update your Manually if your Chrome hasn’t been updated.

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