WhatsApp co-founder says users to delete their Facebook accounts


WhatsApp Co-founder Brian Acton attended a class of Stanford University earlier this week, where he spoke about selling his company for $19 billion to Facebook and encouraged students to delete their Facebook accounts.

While attending a class as guest speaker of the undergraduate course called the Computer Science 181 which focused on technology companies’ social impact and ethical responsibilities.

Acton explained why he sold WhatsApp to Facebook and why did he left the company and criticizing the social media giant Facebook over the monetization process rather than focusing on user privacy.

This is not the first time Acton criticized Facebook, since opting out of the company in 2017. In March last year, following the Cambridge Analytica scandal of data privacy failings of Facebook users Acton tweeted with #deleteFacebook.

Appearing publicly for the second time since leaving the company Acton shared the stage with former Facebook employee Ellora Israni, founder of She++. He described WhatsApp sale to Facebook in 2014 as “I sold my users’ privacy to a larger benefit”.

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