Cryptocurrency services attacked by hackers outwitting GoDaddy employees


The security issues of GoDaddy are not over as reported by KrebsOnSecurity some hackers tricked the GoDaddy employees into taking over the ownership of multiple cryptocurrency services’ web domains leading to attacks on those websites shutting them down. The number of companies of impacted by the attack are not reported by and NiceHash reported problems with the days of attack, also companies like Bibox, Celsius and Wirex might have been attacked but the companies have not confirmed anything yet.

The report doesn’t notes how the hackers succeeded, but a successful March campaign against websites like relied on “vishing,” or voice calls that point targets toward phishing sites meant to harvest account sign-ins.

In this method the attackers convince staff that they are from the company’s IT department and just want to resolve technical issues.

GoDaddy’s spokesperson confirmed that a “limited number” of staff had fallen victim to “social engineering” attacks that let the intruders made unauthorized changes to domains and accounts later the company reverted changes, locked accounts and helped victims regain access of the accounts.

This is not the first-time GoDaddy suffered a security breach, last year the company suffered a data breach that affected 28,000 hosting accounts.

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