China plans to ban foreign software and hardware from the government offices

China Technology

China-US tensions are not holding and accelerating to the tech war, the Chinese Government has reportedly ordered to replace all PC hardware and software in the next three years. China has attempted a similar process five years ago which the government failed to implement properly.

As per the report published by Financial Times citing Chinese tech analysts, it was mentioned that the order has come from the top in the government and the goal is to not just replace American and European software and operating systems with Chinese equivalents, but the hardware they run on as well.

This time the Chinese government is going forward with a three year “3-5-2” plan which means 30 percent of the computers and software will be replaced by the end of 2020, 50 percent will be done by 2021 and the remaining 20 percent in 2022.

The goal is to replace tens of millions of devices that include trade out HP machines for Chinese-manufactured ones, the processor chips will be replaced from Intel and AMD to Chinese chipmakers, and the Nvidia GPUs and Sony image processors will be replaced too. Like we have seen the development of tech companies in China it’s understandable that the country could pass this time as it has made an effective plan to establish independence from U.S. companies.

The major issue that will affect the country’s plan is that the country’s equivalents to Windows and Android are not as mature and support with software to swap easily without consequences. If everything doesn’t go as well as the country plans this could affect its plan to dominate the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem.

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