Best 5 Tech YouTubers In India 2021, Millionaire

best tech youtubers in india in 2021

If you are a Tech Seavey person then In 2021, We got a few more emerging Tech YouTubers In India 2021 whom you should follow.

As entire Tech industry is more or like dependent upon the Big Tech influencers or YouTubers for their sales Maximization.
Since YouTubers influences the general public by a deep effect for their buying decisions as intended buyers always want to get the fairest review of their project as much as possible.

Most of the big YouTubers have already influenced buying decisions of intended buyers.

Whether it is a matter of smartphone, smart TV or any other electronic gadgets, YouTubers are there for every categories of Tech.

Well let’s talk about the Best 5 Tech YouTubers In India 2021. (Updated)

  1. Technical Guruji (Gaurav Chaudhary)

Gaurav Chaudhary (born 7 May 1991), known professionally as Technical Guruji, is an Indian YouTube personality based in UAE. Chaudhary is notable for producing YouTube videos concerning technology in Hindi. As of March 2021, the ‘Gaurav Chaudhary’, Technical Guruji’ and ‘TG SHORTS ‘ channels combined have accrued over 26 million subscribers and 2.8 billion views on the platform. He has been featured in Forbes India’s 30 under 30 list.

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2. Tech Burner  (Shlok Srivastava)

Without Tech Burner the Best 5 Tech YouTubers In India of 2021 is almost incomplete as Tech Burner aka Shlok Srivastava was born on 3 December 1995 in Delhi, India. He did his school education at Delhi Public School & also completed his graduation in Delhi. From his college life, he started YouTube and upload technical videos on his own YouTube channel. At present, he is the most popular Youtuber in India and having 3.5M subscribe on YouTube. According to the information Sholok is unmarried and doesn’t have any girlfriend.

The real name of Tech Burner is Shlok Srivastava and he lives in Delhi, India, He completes his education in Delhi itself and he has studied Bachelor of Engineering.. Shlok Srivastava is a popular tech Youtuber, affiliate marketer as well as a journalist. He has a great interest in learning, knowing, and buying things related to technology, and is his most favorite hobby. The name of their YouTube channel is Tech Burner which has over 5 million subscribers.

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3.Tech Bar (Shokeen Sanchit)

Tech Bar AKA Shokeen Sanchit who makes High-Quality Tech Videos On YouTube and he is not alone but also @palak_1096 also started with his journey of Techbar and definitely he deserves in Best 5 Tech YouTubers In India of 2021

He has over 100M Total views on his channel with over 2 Million subscribers officially he started his channel back in 2012 when the internet wasn’t really popular in India or maybe he just started the channel.

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4.Geekyranjit (Ranjit Kumar)

Geekyranjit AKA Ranjit Kumar is one of the most famous YouTube even with fewer subscribers than some top once however, he has such an informational and genuine review of Gadgets and so obvious he is in Best 5 Tech YouTubers In India of 2021.

He first started as a blogger where he used to help people with their computer-related issues and he used to help people on his website though later he started his YouTube channel with the same vision,

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5.Trakin Tech (Arun Prabhudesai)

He started his channel in 2011 after founding Hover Technologies, where he uploaded technology news and updates. He gained about two million subscribers fast, after which his channel started growing at a steady pace of 10,000 subscribers per day. He organises his hashtag #AskArun on Sundays, when he is less busy with work related to his channel.

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So that was the list of Best 5 Tech YouTubers In India of 2021 and we will update the respective list as soon as we found other YouTuber on the Top.

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