Game of Thrones finale was the most-watched episode of any TV show on HBO

Game of Thrones Final Season

The most loved, anticipated and the unforgettable TV Show “Game of Thrones” has been breaking records since season eight and the final season of the show started and the finale of the show delivered (13.6 million views) the most views for any TV show of HBO on live TV Channel as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The numbers reach up to 19.3 million adding the streaming and on-demand rewatches which sets a new record for both Game of Thrones and HBO as well.

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This is not shocking as the overall viewership of the show has been expanding since the Season 5 with every season finale Game of Thrones set an all-time record in views on every platform.

As per the reports from HBO, it claims that on average each episode collected 44.2 million views in this season.

But it’s still not even a little bit of competition to the all-time record holder in the United States the final episode of the TV series M*A*S*H which aired in 1983 and collected 125.02 million viewers.

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