Jaguar i-Pace Limited Edition will be available in Germany

Jaguar iPace EV320 SE

Jaguar has announced to start selling a low-powered i-Pace that will be available as a limited edition car from the end of 2020 and currently limited for sales in Germany.

The new lower-powered i-Pace (EV320 SE) is similar to the regular i-Pace known as the EV400 with major changes to the power train that includes its output has been dropped to 316 horsepower from 394 horsepower leading to a new sprint time to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds (4.8 seconds in regular one).

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The top speed of the car has also been limited to 180 km/h from 200 km/h in the regular one and interestingly, the change in power doesn’t help in extending the range of the vehicle with its range rated at 470 km (292 miles) WLTP in a single charge.

Jaguar i-Pace EV 

The limited-edition i-Pace comes with standard 20-inch wheels, LED headlights, and 14-way adjustable leather sports seats.

It’s starting price is about €10,000 lower than the regular one that starts at around €75,000 in Germany. If it proved successful in the country Jaguar could introduce it in other regions too.

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